II Timothy 2:3-4
WatchThou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of his life ...
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“The Poet”

GFSoldier, a man who needs no introduction, assumes his position on every platform as a soldier on the battlefield of a war that is constantly waging between the soul and the spirit.  Often referred to, by a group of his peers, as the “Bishop” of spoken word poetry, GFSoldier has an extraordinary ability to orchestrate sound biblical doctrine, and the acuity to conjure up thoughts of exegetical strategies that are both relevant and harmonious to the intended assemblage of listeners.

Gifted with the dexterous design to architect words, GFSoldier not only stimulates the mind, but minister to the spirit. Having the spiritual gifts of knowledge, teaching, and exhortation, GFSoldier’s delivery is one that permeates the inward parts of the belly, and penetrates the very depths of the human soul while captivating a crowd with both emotion and intellect.

GFSoldier brings to the stage an embodiment of God given talent that he capitalizes on as he delivers his message with evangelic fervor, yet maintaining carnal humility.  Being called the “Bishop” is in reference to his unorthodox style and demeanor that would express the similarities of a preacher. He also has a peculiar writing style that gives him the capacity to piece together and juxtapose sermons of rhyme sequence that reflects the biblical poetic principles of synonymous and antithetical parallelism. His presence captivates audiences and commands attention in any arena regardless of the atmosphere.

Through obedience and sacrifice, he has evolved into a skillful poetic orator whose works continually bring forth revelation as they not only minister to him first, but to those who hear him.  GFSoldier’s objective is to attempt to reveal the interdependence between Theology and Psychology, and how it relates to the issues that everyday people struggle with mentally. His mission is to spread the Gospel both foreign and domestic through the power of spoken word poetry to people who are lost, and ultimately win souls to Christ.

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