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Hilton C. Young, Sr

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Hilton C. Young, Sr.

“The Man”

Hilton Christopher Young, Sr., born February 25, 1974, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana.  Hilton presently resides in Dallas, Texas as a result of hurricane Katrina.  Surviving hurricane Katrina is only one of the many challenges faced by this young man.  At the tender age of six years old he experienced the demise of his mother, Linda Ann Young and with a father who was never a part of his life, was raised by his grandmother, Helen Bennett Johnson.

Hilton describes his grandmother as a prayer warrior, a virtuous woman full of integrity, resilient a very hard worker.  She was active in the community, loyal, dedicated and devoted, the epitome of a Godly Woman.  Hilton gleaned from his grandmother and through her teachings and example, received his spiritual enlightenment. Mrs. Johnson took her rest in 1999 after a bout with cancer.  She leaves behind a legacy that will live on through Hilton and generations to come. Also raised by his grandfather Andrew William Johnson, Hilton learned some of life’s lessons from him. His grandfather past two weeks before the storm in 2005.

Hilton has an older sister, Delisha Boyd, who is an inspiration to him as well as an infinite encourager and a niece, Kristin Boyd who is one of his biggest fans.  Hilton has other siblings through his father.

Hilton was raised in the low income neighborhood of Hollygrove. Though surrounded by violence and drugs, the foundation set early in his life equipped him to be more than just a statistic.

Hilton was raised Catholic and converted to the Baptist faith at the age of 19.


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